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Legendary singer Daryl Braithwaite received the highest honour at 2017 ARIA Awards receiving the Hall of Fame Award.

He reflected on some difficult times in his speech as he accepted his award.

The 68-year-old talked about how great his early career with Sherbet was but then reflected on how he “got lost” following the band’s split in 1983.”After Sherbet called it quits in 1983, I was a little lost,” he said. “I took to playing the clubs with a friend of mine, the late Johnny Dick, but it wasn’t satisfying.”

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“I stopped playing music,” Daryl added. “I needed to work. At the time I was married to Sarah and my son Oscar was on the way in 1986.”

Things got so bad for the singer he had to seek government support.”I had to go on the dole,” he said. “After about six weeks they found me a job at Sunbury council working on the roads for 10 weeks.”

But that wasn’t satifsying for Daryl and it was then he realised that music was his passion in life.

“It was there that I realised I had to try and make music again in some way,” he admitted in his acceptance speech.Daryl finished his speech encouraging young people to follow their dreams just like he did.

“If you are a young person looking to play music and you have the passion, please listen to the voice inside your head and take the chance on it, because it is really worth it,” he said.

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