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Welcome to Perfect Pitch


Perfect Pitch Publishing: The Company

Perfect Pitch, is an independent Australian music publisher with offices in both Sydney & the Gold Coast who have developed a sizable local and international catalogue.  Always evolving, reinventing and rejuvenating Perfect Pitch currently represents in excess of 15,000 copyrights. Perfect Pitch continues to attract local writers and international catalogue through its open, honest and knowledgeable approach to the exploitation of copyrights through synchronization and licensing and administration accuracy and professionalism.

  • Full Publisher Administration – registration of songs globally, collection of copyright royalties  globally, detailed statements with payments,
  • Synchronisation & Licensing Specialists
  • Digital Content Management
  • Songwriter Development –  co-write opportunities, song pitching globally, record company sourcing.
  • Global representation (Inc.): UK/USA/Europe & Asia (see Perfect Partners)
  • Full member company of APRA/AMCOS/AMPAL

Perfect Pitch Music Licensing: The Writer

  • Contract flexibility for Artists, Writers & Sub-publishers
  • Licensing (negotiating licensing fees and terms, executing paperwork and helping to obtain other required clearances)
  • Representation of copyrights to Music Supervisors, TV/Film Production Companies & Advertising Creative Agencies.
  • Representation of master recordings (for Licensing)
  • Synchronisation payments paid within 30 day of receipt
  • Electronic royalty payments, to the Writer, paid within ninety (90) days of June 30 and December 31 in each year

Perfect Pitch Music Licensing: The Client

Whether it’s a TV series, Feature/Documentary Film, Television Commercial, Short Film, Music for Websites or any project where licenced music is needed, Perfect Pitch facilitate the sourcing/writing/clearing and/or production of a track (or tracks) needed in the following ways:

  • For commercial music with vocals or without: We has a wide range of material from Ambient Chill to Pop to Rock, Jazz to Latin, Russian Military Marches to Indonesian trad music and even Death Metal. Being independent, with a close relationship with our writers and publishers, means approvals in most cases are obtained in less than 24 hrs…not weeks.
  • For those tracks where you have a “made to order” requirement (time/instruments/tempo etc.): We have a selection of writers (with their own studios), who can write to your   brief. The process is no different to licensing an existing track. Contained costs and importantly fast turnaround times.
  • If you have your heart set on a track we don’t represent: Perfect Pitch will undertake the Music Supervision for you and negotiate with the rights holders to secure the track or tracks for your project.
  • Complete score/composition for Film & TV series – we have a number of  composers who have experience in scoring complete soundtracks for film & television series.
  • We work with all major Record Companies and Publishers as well as Independent and Overseas publishers and labels.
  • For the vast majority of the Perfect Pitch catalogue we also represent the master recordings of the writer/performers. One Stop Licensing.
  • Whether the need is for a big named writer/performers or no-name writer/performers the end result is the same. High quality compositions, performances, production and importantly, in today’s economic environment, prices that suit most, if not all, music production budgets.

Perfect Pitch compositions can be heard in the following TV, TVC , Web & Film productions:

  • Bondi Rescue – All series (TV)
  • Recruits (TV)
  • On The Sly
  • Underbelly (TV)
  • The Block (Theme) (TV)
  • Packed to the Rafters (TV)
  • Hardliners (TV)
  • Laid (TV)
  • Cops LAC (TV)
  • Dave in the Life
  • Winners & Losers (TV)
  • Big Brother (Music Supervision Final Series) (TV)
  • Ripcurl (Web)
  • AussieBum (Web)
  • The Block (Theme)
  • Packed to the Rafters (TV)
  • Men’s Health – Foxtel (Pay TV)
  • City Chic (Web)
  • Offspring (TV)
  • Suite for Fleur (Film)
  • Ticketing Victoria (TVC)
  • Back To Where You Came From (TV)
  • Two in the Top End (TV)
  • Two Men in a Tinnie (TV)
  • Two on the Great Divide (TV)
  • A Few Best Men (Film)
  • Sekisui House (Web)
  • DeGrassi (Canada)
  • LA Complex (Canada)
  • Go Back to Where You Came From (TV) (exclusive)
  • Dumb Drunk & Racist (TV) (exclusive)
  • Puberty Blues (TV)
  • The Grandmothers (TV)
  • World Series Cricket – Howzat (TV series)
  • Kerry Packer Story (TV)
  • Kath & Kimderella (Film)
  • Anh Does Vietnam (TV)
  • Small Time (Film)
  • House Husbands (TV)
  • Plonk (TV)
  • Dream of Dakar (TV)
  • Shitsville Express (TV) (exclusive)
  • This is Australia (documentary)
  • Manny Lewis (Film)
  • Wonderland
  • Bonds (TVC)
  • Wentworth (TV)
  • Westpac (TVC)
  • Outback Spectacular (Arena Spectacular)
  • Virgin (TVC)
  • Lend Lease (TVC)
  • Julia Zemira’s Home Delivery (TV) (exclusive)

Perfect Pitch is big enough to be recognized in the industry as a serious player in the licensing/synchronisation arena but small enough to adapt to new-world requirements for music licensing.

Although the number of productions undertaken to date is sizable the catalogue is large enough and diverse enough to avoid repetition thereby maintaining an original sound bed across productions.

Perfect Pitch is a lot of things that many would expect of a Music Publisher/Licensing company to be, but it’s a whole lot more of what many would wish a Music Publisher/Licensing company could be.

We have the experience and expertise to cater for all your music licensing needs. Let us work with you to deliver Perfect results.

Check out our 2015 Showcase set:

Perfect Pitch Digital is our digital content management company. We now represent our writer/performers globally through  iTunes globally (51 countries).

Song Submission:

We do not accept unsolicited material. However drop us a line, with an overview of your work stating reasons for contact e.g. formally published or unrepresented catalogue etc. to:


Peter Paterson: Gold Coast office: 07 5533 0718 / 0433 160 477

Clive Hodson: Sydney office: 02 9449 3307 / 0415 633 716

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